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The acceptance of the reservation is subordinated to the availability of the demanded room and to the payment of the advance payment. The reservation mechanism consists in the following passages: demand for availability to be carried out with the shipment of the specific present Form in the site, or through directed contact to the ns. numbers telephone to us. You will receive  the voucher, with the allocation of the chosen period, the customer will have to compile the data demands, confirming the happened payment. 

To the confirmation of the reservation it will have to be poured to “Venice in Suite” an advance payment for security reason, equal to 40% of the amount reservation object. The rest of payment will be paid at the arrival, before the delivery of the keys of the lodging. The indicated prices are expressed in currency EU (€ - Euro). The cost of the stay includes rearranges every day of the room and the breakfast. The change of the linen is previewed to the third day of permanence. Eventual additional services will be available to payment directly in native place. The data for the payment come indicated on the voucher of reservation. The reservations carried out at a distance minimal regarding the stay (in the same week of arrival), could be carried out through release of the data of Credit card for guarantee. The payments could be carried out only cash at the moment of the arrival. 

The cancellation of the reservation from the customer implies the subjugation to the following economic conditions: The poured amount on account could be recovered (except withheld 5% for administrative expenses), if to the cancellation will follow a new reservation within the next 60 days, for a reservation in the solar year in course. Cases details could be various estimated from the manager. 

In case of substitution of the confirmed room/lodging, for damages and/or unexpected, “Venice in Suite” guarantees the substitution in other room in any case/lodging of par or advanced value, communicating to the renter the happened change. To the same price. 

Al moment of the rent confirmation will be sent to the customer the voucher of reservation, than the same one it will have to compile inserting the personal data and those of own credit card. In outside hour case of arrivals, the customer will have to guarantee the happened payment to balance of the rent and the data of the credit card for the security. Relatively to this last one, he specifies himself that the same one will not be guarantee but proceeds object only on  damaging or for the demands for extension of the stay. In case of damages, you damn and/or thefts completed from the customer in the assigned unit, this last one will be thought responsible and therefore personally obliged to the payment of the entire one to pile of the caused damages. 

The reception is active from the Monday to the Friday from the 9,00 to the 18.00. The Saturday and Sunday with same single timetable on appointment. In details periods of festivity the service will be able to endure timetable variations. In any case it will come guaranteed the access to the reserved lodging, by means of agreements to anticipate an undertake with the acceptance service. In order to render the arrival to Venice simpler, and in order to avoid unexpected delays, the customer is prayed to communicate with an advance payment at least 48 hours, for telephones, fax or email, own means of transport, the number of the flight, or the train, with relative timetable of own arrival. In delay case it will be necessary to contact, during the day of arrival, the reception, foreshadowing of the unexpected change of timetable. The rooms come of norm delivered between hours 12,00 and the 18,00 of the day of arrival (according to the requirements of cleansing and maintenance). In order to render the arrival easy it will be necessary to communicate to the reception staff own cellular number of for eventual urgencies or communications. 

The yield of the lodging will have to happen within hours 10,00 of the departure day (except various agreement). The keys will be given back to the reception staff at the moment of leaving. 

In the voucher of reservation the number of persons is indicated clearly who could be lodged in the assigned lodging. Where during the period of stay it came found the presence of ulterior persons lodged beyond the concurred number/agreed, providers without necessity of warning to the immediate rescission of the reservation contract: the host will be held to the immediate delivery of the keys and the same unit. No reimbursement and/or gives will have had from “Venice in Suite” for the consequent use of the remaining part of the reserved period. Moreover don’t’ forget that if the customers, during their stay inside of the assigned lodging, don’t’ maintain a behavior of civil honor (conservation of the unit) and respectful of the necessities of confined (the noises, audio system TV, etc), “Venice in Suite” reserve the faculty to remove them from the room, being withheld the entire one to pile paid, except in various hypothesis the demand for the greater damage quickly. Such rules, besides the honor of the residence where the hosts come received, are necessary above all for the respect of the tranquility of the other lodged hosts, than in equal measure need to enjoy a stay in the full load relax, than " Venice in Suite" it wants to guarantee to all own customers. 

Considering that the finishes of the rooms comprise moquette, tappets, drapes, we are not in a position to lodging some animal. This exclusively to guarantee the maximum hygiene to you and to the successive hosts, also with detail with regard to the subjects allergic and asthmatic to us generally. Speak with our reception, you will be able  to estimate solutions of alternative lodging, near other our structure to apartments (www.igioiellideldoge.it), where animals are admitted " educate" and of small dogs and where the cleansing operations concur to manage the lodging of yours " little ones friends". 

The rooms have in equipment linen from bathe for every lodged host. Moreover you will find a Kit of courtesy, comprising all how much necessary for the bath. In the rooms there are a coffee pot electrical worker with equipment of cups sugar and coffee

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